resin transfer moldingResin Transfer Molding (RTM) is a technology widely used to create products requiring a high-quality finish on both sides with a high fiber-resin ratio, while allowing a high-volume production output without sacrificing product quality and consistency. [Female Mold] Based on the reduced labour demands and time investment RTM is the preferred choice for low-cost / high volume production processes.

fiberglass moldThe Resin Transfer Mold Process

The RTM process requires 2 separate molds – one male and one matching female counter-mold. On the female tool a pre-cut fiberglass layer is applied . Hydraulic pressure or vacuum is then used to force the male tool into the female mold.

Once secured, a vacuum and/or pressure system is utilized to force resin through the fibers into the mold. [Finished Product]

high quality moldingThe hardened and finished product is then removed, cleaned, polished, and ready for shipping.

During the planning process we work closely with our customer to ensure high-quality products within the required specifications.