You have an idea or a concept - Performance Poly-Tek has the tools and expertise to turn it into reality.

Engineering Designs, Concepts, and Specifications

Contact us to discuss your idea and required specifications with our friendly experts. Together we will find the best solution for the product development. We feel that proper communication is an important component for a successful and efficient production. Therefore we remain in close contact with our customer throughout all prototyping and development stages.

We also have the ability to supply you with rendered 3D concept drawings, showing your product in a near-reality environment as a visual confirmation for your concept idea. This allows our customer to fine-tune the design and remain actively involved in the design and prototyping process.

Your detailed specification sheets and CAD drawings will accelerate the transition process towards prototyping and production.

Performance Poly-Tek stands for highest quality, precision, and customer satisfaction. Call our experts today for a free consultation and quote.