spray-upSpray-up defines a technique applying fiberglass and catalyzed resin onto a mold surface utilizing a fiberglass chopper and spray gun.

The carefully prepared mold is usually covered with a layer of coloured gel coat matching customer specifications. Using a fiberglass chopper and spray gun, layers of shredded fibers and resin are sprayed onto the mold surface. Rollers and brushes are used to remove air pockets and bubbles and to ensure the thickness consistency throughout the mold. Additional material layers can be sprayed on to reach the specified product thickness and stability, optionally reenforced by coring materials between the spray sessions.

Spray up is a cost effective process allowing unlimited color choices, variations in thickness, and built-in localized reinforcement and stability control.

Hand Lay-up

hand lay-upHand Lay-up is an open molding process used for low volume production and complex shape designs, usually applied to create production molds and custom assembly parts.

The advantage of Hand Lay-up is low tooling costs, high component precision, and extended durability based on high fiber-resin ratios.

The finished mold is carefully covered with fiberglass mats and thoroughly wetted with resin. Bubbles and air pockets are removed using rollers and brushes while maintaining a consistent thickness of the applied materials. The hardened product is then lifted off the mold, cleaned, and prepared for shipping or subsequent production processes.